About us

Born in the Welsh/ Shropshire border, Unite Components are a flourishing young business who produce aftermarket mountain bike parts. We provide products with selling points the major manufacturers can’t deliver- all from one base. It’s a business with the promise to provide simple, original and quality products and we believe good work can’t be rushed.

Since riding from the age of three to currently being an elite-level enduro racer, company founder Andrew Cooper has gained decades of riding experience. Combined with over three decades of experience in detailed manufacturing, you can be sure we know exactly how to design a product that is able stand up to the elements on the trail. After delving into production of mountain bike components in 2015, we’re proud that demand has increased worldwide; so much so that our product range is continuing to expand.

Thanks to rigorous testing and development, we’re able to offer products with increased durability, reductions in weight and user friendly designs. Rest assured, our components won’t be on the market until they’re just right and we’re happy. From raw materials to packaging, it’s all sourced from suppliers within the UK so it can be ensured every part is given care and attention before leaving the workshop at a competitive price.

We use CNC machines, CAD software and FEA analysis to give us in-house pinpoint accuracy and we’re sure to test all our products on the trails too, so we know they won’t let you down. Unite Components are proud to be a manufacturing competitor delivering big things from inside the rural Welsh border hills.