About us

We are a flourishing young manufacturing business who produce aftermarket mountain bike parts. we’re unique as we promise to provide simple, original and quality products capable of standing the test of the trail.

  • Rigorous testing
  • Increased durability
  • Lighter
  • Care of design

How it's made?

We use CNC machines, CAD software and FEA analysis to give us in-house pinpoint accuracy and we’re sure to test all of our products on the trails too, so we know they won’t let you down. Unite Components are proud to be a manufacturing company delivering big things from
inside the rural Welsh border hills.

Want to get your very own parts ?

Unite manufactures 99% of its products in house, it’s only logical that we wish to offer these services to other companies. We can handle all aspects of developing a product; from design, prototyping, production, assembly, packing and even marketing! We currently manufacture a number of products worldwide for various different companies. Customer confidentially is extremely important to us, we don’t declare (unless agreed) any of our customers. we also endorse non-disclosure agreements for our client’s peace of mind.


Environmental standards are always changing and Unite fully endorse “push continuous improvement”. The introduction of tablets to reduce the amount of paper waste during manufacture is one of our next major targets. Approval of the ISO 14001 standard is also something we are working to attain in the near future.

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