About Us

Welcome to Unite Components – Your Ride Starts Here! We are a team of passionate cyclists who love anything and everything related to bikes. What began as a few friends who loved mountain biking quickly grew into a mission to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for all things cycling.

Our Roots

Unite Components was founded in 2009 by avid mountain bikers Vivek Singh and Devansh Pathak. When Vivek and Devansh struggled to find in-depth information on bike components like suspension, brakes, and drivetrains, they decided to create their own cycling resource.

Vivek brought 15 years of experience working on bikes as a mechanical engineer. Devansh leveraged his background in quality control and manufacturing to provide detailed reviews and comparisons. Together, they formed the ultimate team – Vivek with an unparalleled drive for testing the latest cycling tech and Devansh with an uncompromising eye for what matters most in bike components.

What We Do

Here at Unite Components, we live and breathe cycling. Our team of engineers, mechanics, and riders work tirelessly to provide comprehensive guides on bike parts and equipment.

We specialize in reviewing and recommending suspension, brakes, drivetrains, wheels, tires, cockpits, and any other bike components you can think of. Our suspension fork guide offers an in-depth look at damping systems and performance. Our brake reviews highlight all-weather stopping power and reliability. We also cover helmets, shoes, tools – you name it, we review it!

What Sets Us Apart

While components are our passion, our readers are our top priority. We thoroughly test products in real-world conditions and incorporate insights from riders across disciplines. Our recommendations are based on head-to-head comparisons – not deals with manufacturers.

We also provide how-to articles on bike maintenance and repair so you can get the most out of your equipment. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to find the right components and keep your bike performing its best for years to come.

We invite you to explore UniteComponents.com. Please reach out with any cycling tech questions – we look forward to fueling your ride!

-TheUniteComponents.com Team


Vivek Singh

Vivek has been obsessed with bikes since getting his first mountain bike at age 12. What began as a childhood hobby quickly turned into a lifelong passion. With over 15 years of mechanical engineering experience, Vivek leverages his technical knowledge and hands-on experience to provide in-depth reviews and recommendations on cycling components and tech.

When he’s not in the workshop disassembling the latest suspension forks, you can find him hitting the trails near his hometown testing products firsthand. Vivek co-founded Unite Components to share his enthusiasm and expertise with cyclists who are equally passionate about having the best equipment to fuel their ride.

Devansh Pathak

Devansh has always been meticulous about his gear. From his childhood BMX bike to his current carbon fiber mountain bike, she strives to keep his equipment in peak condition. Devansh spent years working in quality control and manufacturing before co-founding Unite Components. She leverages his eye for detail and technical mindset to deliver thoughtful reviews and practical advice.

Devansh carefully examines each product she tests, paying close attention to material quality, construction methods, and performance. She provides key insights that help consumers make informed decisions when selecting components. On the weekends, you can find Devansh hitting the trails, noting every subtlety of how his test equipment performs in real-world use.