5 Best GPS TRACKER For Bike Review 2024

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Have you ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you walk out of the coffee shop and your precious bike is nowhere to be seen? As an avid cyclist for over a decade, I know that panic all too well. Bike theft is rampant in cities around the world, which is why having a good GPS tracker on your bike is absolutely essential these days.

In this blog post, I’ll be going over the top 5 GPS trackers on the market in 2024 that will help protect your beloved two-wheeled companion from the grasps of thieves. I’ve tested and reviewed countless bike trackers over the years so you can trust my recommendations. From tiny covert trackers to full-featured devices with theft alerts, I’ll cover them all.

As a bit of background, I’ve been mountain biking since high school and have worked as a bike messenger in New York City so I know a thing or two about urban cycling. I’ve had three bikes stolen over the years (RIP faithful steeds!) before wising up and investing in a proper GPS tracker. Now I always know where my bike is at all times, which brings me great peace of mind.

So without further ado, let’s get into the best GPS bike trackers out there!

5 Best GPS TRACKER Review After Used

  • Spybike Covert GPS Tracker
  • Apple AirTag
  • Invoxia GPS Bike Tracker
  • Link My Gear Helmet Tracker
  • LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

1. Spybike Covert GPS Tracker

The Spybike is one of the most ingenious covert GPS trackers out there. It’s specifically designed to be hidden inside a bike frame or seat post so thieves won’t have a clue it’s even there.

This small but mighty device is only about the size of two matchboxes and has a battery that lasts 2-3 weeks before needing a recharge. The tracker sends real-time location data to the Spybike app, where you can see exactly where your bike is at all times. If the bike is ever moved, you’ll get instant alert notifications so you can take quick action and notify the authorities.

What I really love about the Spybike is how easy it is to install discreetly inside a bike. It takes just a few minutes to slide into a seat post or handlebar. The tracker is also fully weatherproof and shockproof, perfect for bumpy bike rides in any conditions.

While the upfront cost is higher than some trackers, there are no monthly fees and the peace of mind of knowing my bike’s location 24/7 makes it well worth it for me. Highly recommended for any cyclist serious about bike security.

Pro Tip: When installing the Spybike tracker, be sure to use a good waterproof sealant like electrical tape or epoxy around the edges so water doesn’t seep in.

2. Apple AirTag

While the Apple AirTag was designed to track lost keys, wallets, etc, lots of cyclists have been using them to secure their bikes too.

The AirTag attaches to your bike via a holder or pouch and uses Apple’s global “Find My” network to pinpoint your bike’s location using super accurate Bluetooth and UWB tracking. The AirTags have excellent water and dust resistance ratings too.

When setting up an AirTag, you can get notifications instantly if your bike moves locations when you’re not around. The “Find My” app will display your bike’s last known location on a map, which is constantly updated if it’s on the move.

The app even has a feature to make your AirTag play a sound if it’s nearby but hidden, helping you locate your bike if a thief ditches the tracker and tries hiding your bike somewhere.

While AirTags weren’t designed with bikes in mind, their affordable price point, robust tracking network, and Apple polish make them a great choice to consider. Just be sure to get a secure holder so those AirTags don’t go bouncing off on rough trails.

Pro Tip: Name your AirTag something unique like “Rosie’s Bike” so if someone else finds it detached, they can contact you.

3. Invoxia GPS Bike Tracker

For cyclists who want a dedicated GPS bike tracker with all the bells and whistles, look no further than the Invoxia Tracker.

This rugged device is made specifically for bikes with a weatherproof casing and long-lasting battery. It also has a built-in SIM card for real-time 2G data coverage almost anywhere in the world – no smartphone required.

The Invoxia app provides real-time mapping of your bike’s movements plus customizable geofencing zones. If your bike leaves its designated “safe zones”, you’ll get immediate notifications. The device also tracks metrics like distance traveled and top speed.

One extremely useful feature is the ability to activate a 110+ dB alarm remotely from the app. This motorcycle-level alarm is sure to deter any potential thieves and help lead authorities right to your bike if it does get stolen.

At around $150, the upfront cost is not cheap, but there are no monthly fees and the military-grade protection gives serious peace of mind. For those wanting a dedicated GPS bike tracker, the Invoxia really can’t be beaten.

Pro Tip: Place the Invoxia out of sight but remember rain and splashes can interfere with the microphone and speaker.

4. Link My Gear Helmet Tracker

While most GPS bike trackers attach to the bike’s frame, the Link My Gear takes a unique approach by hiding the tracker directly inside your bike helmet!

This small device tucks into the helmet lining or visor. Then if your bike gets nicked, the thief will unknowingly be carrying the tracker in your helmet, allowing you to track the location.

The Link My Gear has excellent battery life at up to 10 days per charge. It uses a combo of GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation to maintain a location signal in tricky urban environments. The app provides real-time mapping and geofencing alerts if your helmet tracker does get separated from your phone.

While the tracker itself is relatively affordable, the LMG service plans are quite pricey in my opinion. However, if you already have a good helmet, installing the Link My Gear tracker directly in it is a clever way to get tracking protection while keeping your bike looking clean.

Pro Tip: Register your helmet info in the app so if it’s lost, Good Samaritans can contact you. Also add a contact number sticker inside your helmet.

5. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Rounding out our list is the rugged LandAirSea 54 tracker. Encased in a fully waterproof pelican case, this tracker was built to withstand the elements – perfect for mountain biking and rainy city commutes.

The LandAirSea 54 provides real-time location tracking over international cellular networks, so your bike’s location shows up instantly in the app. Geofencing and movement alerts will notify you right away if your bike goes outside its designated boundaries.

This tracker uses an internal SIM card but you can insert your own card as well. Battery life is a rock solid 2-3 weeks. While it is bulkier than other options, the LandAirSea 54 can be tucked into a frame or attached to the handlebars with its built-in mounting bracket.

For around $150, the LandAirSea 54 delivers reliable tracking and weatherproofing that can really provide peace of mind if you bike in harsh conditions or remote locations.

Pro Tip: Extend battery life by reducing the frequency of GPS pings when stationary. Frequent pings drain more power.


So there you have it – my picks for the top GPS bike trackers to protect your prized bicycle from theft in 2024 and beyond. Protecting your bike with a quality lock is important, but a hidden GPS tracker should be an essential part of your bike security strategy too.

While no tracker is 100% foolproof, having real-time visibility and alerts if your bike moves location can greatly increase your chances of recovery if the unfortunate does happen. So pick the tracker that best fits your budget and needs, then get riding with greater peace of mind!

Your faithful bike will thank you for looking out for its wellbeing. Ride on my friends! And as always, feel free to contact me with any bike-related questions.

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