TOP 5 Cool Bike Gadgets for Serious Riders

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Tired of puttering along on your two-wheeled steed, getting passed by both turtles and snails? Want to feel the wind in your hair as you blaze down the highway at a blazing 10 mph? Well my lead-footed friends, it may be time to trick out your bike with some high-octane accessories guaranteed to add horsepower to your… pedalpower. (See what I did there? Pedalpower? Horsey humor? Ah, forget it.)

From tires to trackers, phone holders to cupholders – yes, cupholders – I’ve rounded up the hottest gadgets to transform your bicycle from mild to wild. Just try not to get too many speeding tickets.

5 Best Bike Accessories List

  • Bike TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • GPS Tracker for Bikes
  • Portable Paddock Stand
  • Portable Tire Inflator
  • Helmet Bluetooth Headset

Gadget #1: Bike TPMS

bike tpms

Keep a close eye on your tires’ pressure and temperature with this nifty monitoring system. Install the sensors, mount the display, and voila – real-time updates on those precious pneumatics. No more getting caught with a flat five miles from home. The solar panels mean you may never need to charge it. At just $30, this gizmo lets you avoid the agony of walking your bike back when a tire goes squish. Plus, the peace of mind is priceless when bombing down monster hills at Mach 1 speeds.

Gadget #2: GPS Bike Tracker

gps bike tracker

Losing your beloved bike is every rider’s worst nightmare. Enter the GPS tracker – your two-wheeled LoJack. Tap into a wealth of data like routes, distances, average speed, etc, displayed via handy app. Geo-fencing alerts let you rest easy if your bike gets disturbed when parked. And the motion sensor feature even alerts you when your dormant bike springs to life, so you can track down the would-be thief! All for just $25. Small price to pay for some serious security.

Gadget #3: Portable Paddock Stand

portable paddock stand

No more upside-down yoga positions to lube your chain! This portable pit stop stand lets you raise your bike to work comfortably on maintenance. Sturdy and collapsible, it fits in your backpack for tune-ups on the go. The anti-skid feet prevent slippage as you wrench away. For larger repair jobs at home, the resistance wheels keep things stable yet maneuverable across the garage floor. Race tech for the average Joe, and under $15.

Gadget #4: Rechargeable Air Compressor

rechargeable air compressor

Nothing kills a sweet bike ride faster than a flat tire (except maybe a rabid Rottweiler). While most cyclists carry a hand pump, who has the time and stamina for all that huffing and puffing? This USB-powered compressor does the work for you, inflating in minutes vs hours. Its lithium battery can fill two tires before it needs a charge. The built-in pressure gauge eliminates guesswork, and the digital readout makes it usable day or night. At $30, this little pump is a big deal that every biker needs.

Gadget #5: Helmet Headset

helmet headset

Riding solo leads to some lonely long miles. But stopping to take calls can totally harsh your cruisin’ vibe. Enter this natty Bluetooth headset that nests right inside your helmet. Jabber away while keeping both hands on the handlebars! Auto-answer makes receiving calls even easier. Touch controls for volume adjustment are perfectly placed, and sponge covers keep the earbuds comfy on long rides. The Velcro sticks securely to the helmet lining and doesn’t look half bad either. You can snag this slick gadget for just $15.

So there you have it – five fab gadgets to bring a little more pep to your pedalpower. With devices to analyze, mobilize, mechanize and socialize every aspect of your ride, you’ll be a regular rocket man in no time. Just try not to pin the speedo too high, at least while the cops are watching. And if you get a need for even more speed, just drop another accessory or two into your basket. Your bike will be the hottest set of wheels this side of a Tesla. vroom, vroom!


When it comes to bikes, there’s always room for upgrades. While hardcore cyclists enjoy the pure rush of human power, casual riders need a little motorized motivation now and then. These gadgets showcase the latest and greatest in two-wheeled wizardry, from preventing flats to finding lost bikes.

Trick out your trusty steed with a gadget or two to make every ride more fun. Monitor tires to avoid getting stranded, or track your bike if it goes missing. Make repairs a cinch with portable stands, and stay charged with mini pumps and solar power. Add tunes and tech to personalize your rolling ride. With this souped-up gear, you’ll finally leave those turtles (and snails) choking on your dust. Just don’t let the speed go to your head. Safety first, rocket man!

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